Friday, August 23, 2013

Hey Everyone!!!

We are just back from our U.S dates that we played with Ceremony. Huge thanks goes out to them, our new friends on the other end (of the country, get your mind outa the gutter!!). It truly was a great to meet them and to play for a whole bunch of new folks in places that we havn't been to, thanks for taking us along! 

Onto the next one, We are heading back to EU /UK! Our dates have been finalized and we can let you know where we will be (all dates dd/mm/yy). 

  • 12.09.2013 GER Potsdam, Kuze
  • 13.09.2013 GER Halle, VL (September Festival)
  • 14.09.2013 GER Würzburg, H2O (Stadtfest)
  • 15.09.2013 GER Prague, Bike Shop 
  • 17.09.2013 GER Gießen, AK44
  • 18.09.2013 GER Köln, Sonic Ballroom
  • 19.09.2013 GER Bielefeld, AJZ
  • 20.09.2013 NL Maastricht, Muziekgieterij
  • 22.09.2013  NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival
  • 23.09.2013 FRA Lille, La Malterie
  • 24.09.2013 GER Hamburg, Hafenklang
  • 25.09.2013 GER Berlin, Schokoladen
  • 26.09.2013 GER Karlsruhe, Alte Hackerei (w/ Kommando Sonne-nmilch)
  • 27.09.2013 SUI Lausanne, Heartland Festival
  • 28.09.2013 GER Nürnberg, K4 (w/ Trainwreck)
  • 29.09.2013 GER Leipzig, Zwille
  • 01.10.2013 UK Salford, Islington Mill
  • 02.10.2013 UK London, Tufnell Park Dome w/ No Age, Eric Copeland
  • 03.10.2013 UK Glasgow, Old Hairdressers
  • 05.10.2013 UK Sheffield Tie Dye Tapes HQ

We are excited to get back over to Europe and share these new songs! There are still a few dates that need to be locked up and we will post them here.

but before all that, you should know that we are playing an amazing show up n Boston at Charlies Kitchen with Ski Mask  and Bugs and Rats! heres the Facebook page.

Thats all for now!!

Monday, June 24, 2013


Hey Everyone!

Here are a few neat lil' updates,


We are very excited to be hitting the road with Ceremony  on their east coast/midwest leg of their tour out to "This is Hardcore" Fest in Philly.

Here are the dates:
7/28/2013-Raleigh NC -Kings*
7/29/2013-Ashville NC *
7/30/2013-Athens GA *
7/31/2013-Gainsville FL-Mars Pub *
8/1/2013- Miami FL- Churchills #
8/2/2013-Orlando FL- Will's Pub #
8/3/2013-Jacksonville FL- Atticus #
8/4/2013-Atlanta GA- Drunken Unicorn #
8/5/2013-Nashville TN- Stone Fox#
8/6/2013-Bloomington IN- Russian Recording #
8/7/2013-Chicago IL- Beat Kitchen#
8/12/2013-Washington DC- Rock and Roll Hotel #
8/13/2013-BALTIMORE (wazzup!)- Ottobar #
8/14/2013-Asbury Park NJ- Asbury Lanes #
8/15/2013- Cambridge MA- The Sinclair #
8/16/2013- New London CT- El 'n' Gee #
8/17/2013- Brooklyn NY- 285 Kent #


#-with Ceremony
*-with our own bad selves 

We are pumped to be going to some new places as well as some old fav's.


Europe and the U.K!!! We will be coming over to your shores and we are very excited to do so. We now know how to order coffee in 7 different languages so already we are ahead of the curve!!

here are the dates:

 09/12/2013 GER Potsdam, Kuze
09/13/2013 GER Halle, Hühnermanhattan
09/14/2013 GER Würzburg, H2O (Stadtfest)
09/15/2013 CZ Prague, Bike Shop
09/16/2013 GER Dresden TBA.
09/17/2013 GER Gießen, AK44
09/18//2013 GER Köln, Sonic Ballroom
09/19/2013 GER Bielefeld, AJZ
09/20/2013 TBA
09/22//2013 NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival
09/24/2013 GER Hamburg, Hafenklang
09/25//2013 GER Berlin, Schokoladen
09/26/2013 GER Tübingen TBA.
09/27/2013 SUI Lausanne, Heartland Festival
09/28/2013 GER Nürnberg, Rage Against Abschiebung Festival
09/29/2013 GER Leipzig, UT Connewitz
10/1/-10/6/2013 UK!

Also we have in the works a split with our buds  Dope Body. Upset the Rhythm is kind enough to release it and we should have it in time for these tours so hopefully there will be another lil someting for you all to pick up!
Let us not forget to let everyone know what Ed is up to while he is not on the road. Every other week Ed is hosting his pop up restaurant  "Pasta: The Gathering". Each special night features the delicious  American-Italian fruit from the labors of Chef Kevin Sherry and Ed. Prix fix at $15 for three courses and the joy of eds service. Follow on twitter @pastaTG

Ed is also making a bid to be the Stussy of Baltimore with his comical "Cat's ON the Lake" T-shirt. See what this is all about at 
more to come in the future!! 
 hope to see you all soon!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013



It has been a while eh?! Since our last post we have tooted around the mid-west and have written a few new tunes and of course, continue to stir the pot.

The biggest bit thought is the Sub Pop 1000 comp that came out on Record Store Day. We are very honored to be considered in the same regard with the other great bands on that comp. We selected the song "Radio Eyes"  for the release and we have a wonderful video that was directed and filmed by our friends Zoie Omega and Philip Leaman of A Mean Gloam.Click here for more info on these total pros.

They truly went above and beyond and we are forever grateful for their help and vision. Thank you Philip and Zioe!! Here is the fruit of everyone's hard work!

The LP of the comp is available from Sub Pop here as well as our lil' shoppe that has a variety of other lil' goodies (shirts, Jazz Mind, Etc)

Look out  EU/UK we are coming your way in September,  Asia after that!!

Ed Schrader's Music Beat

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Catching up

Hey everyone!

We have a few exciting  items to report on.

A spring tour is around the corner, hitting up some new spots (see bellow).

We will be gracing the Sub Pop 1000 compilation with Radio Eyes. It goes without saying we are over the stupid moon (always changin, why cant it stay the same!) The release date is April 20th (Record Store Day) to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the founding of Sub Pop. Here is a link to their lil write up, a Pitchfork thang, and a cool teaser video as well.

We are shooting a video right now for that number.

A full summer U.S and tour of Asia is in the works.

Heading to Machines With Magnets  for some recording,HUZZAH!

Here are all the shows we have coming up, get ready!


March 29th-Philadelphia- First Unitarian Church W/ Iron Lung
March 30th- Brooklyn- Shea Stadium W/ Jamaican Queens, Zula, Free Blood tickets?!

the "SPRINGING UP FOR SOME FUN" tour &shit

April 4th- Cleveland- Now That's Class W/ Pleasuse Leftist, Swindella
April 5th-Detroit- The Living Touch W/ Lord Scrummage, Ritual Howls, and Reverend
April 6th -Chicago- Situations W/ King Tuts Tomb, MINES
April 7th- Milwaukee- Circle A W/ Dogs in Ecstasy
April 8th- Minniapolis- Cause W/ Skoal Kodiak, Animal Lover
April 9th- Iowa City- Gabes W/ ShiveringTimbers, Rusty Buckets
April 10th- St.Louis- APOP
April 11th-Lexington-
April 12th- Knoxville- Pilot Light
April 13th-Charlotte- Yauhaus

Friday, January 4, 2013

First Shows of the New Year!!

Hey all!

What better way to start the new year than a trip to the cold dark heart of New England!
Here are the dates for this fun jaunt, we are really looking forward to seeing old buds and playing some new songs!

1/21/2013- Baltimore @ the Coward Shoe w/ The Dreebs, Gorilla Toss, Horse Lords
1/22/2013-Allentown PA @ The Sportsman Cafe w/ DSU, Third Ward
1/23/2013-Worcester MA @ Distant Catstle w/ Ski Mask, Funeral Cone
1/24/2013- Providence RI @ 95 Empire w/ Ski Mask, In Heat
1/25/2013- Boston MA @ Cambridge Elks Lodge w/ Ski Mask, The Dreebs, Gorilla Toss+mor
1/26/2013- Brooklyn NY @ Death By Audio w/ Bambara + it's Ed's Birthday!!

In other thrilling news, 

-Ed will be putting on the Ed Schrader Show at the Metro Gallery Jan the 10th with guests MATMOS and DDM. Hilarity is a guaranteed in some form or another so please come one and all but if you cant make the show, it will be posted on line as well.

-Hard at work "crafting" new songs, very excited to bring the new jamz in 2013.

Hope everyone had a good holiday and didn't start the new year with shame and disgust like we do every year.

see you all soon!